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Pola Muzyka

Founder and Director:

Pola Muzyka has been with Christian Media Alliance since it's inception in 1997 when a group of Christians in media got together over the internet to unite in taking back media for the glory of God.

"We hope to see new media, and media that's been around a long time, glorifying God again and giving Jesus his proper place, as we believe that media and all things were made through him, by him, and for him." --Pola Muzyka

She is the author of award winning corporate, commercial, TV and documentary scripts as well as award winning Christian books for children and stronghold smasher suspense books. She is the author of the blog at: and is presently producing a movie from one of her novels, Escape the Hezbollah. Contact her at



Rev. Gene Steiner

Special Feature Writer:

Dr. Rev. Gene Steiner has been involved in media evangelism since the 90s. His expertise in media evangelism and new media is brought to you each month to help you perfect your calling.  He's been with Christian Media Alliance since its inception.

"In the ministry of helps, we are committed to excellence, creative resourcefulness, honesty, and stewardship. We seek always to serve in love, humility, and diligence as unto the Lord, knowing that our integrity is all we have." --Gene Steiner

For more information Email him at


Website Host & Advisor:


Joshua Muzyka first became connected with us as the reviewer for alternative music. See here: ALT Reviews The diligence and perception of his reviews garnered him a spot among top reviewers of Christian alternative music. His work for Christian Media Alliance now is as website host and advisor.

We welcome his continued affiliation with us and hope to see some of his reviews and updates in Christian media posted soon on our blog-a-sphere. Contact Joshua at: or visit his website at:



Bob Bello

News, Information and Editorials

Rev. Dr. Boris Belovarski was born in May 9, 1961 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Grown up in Russia, he graduates Art School in Sofia, but in 1979 he decided to become a sci-fi writer. Boris became Bob Bello as a writer, actor, producer, and director. He has been helping us build Christian Media News and ultimately, Christian Media Alliance, since it's inception in 1997. E-Mail:


Content Provider, News, Information and Editorials

PorterPorter Versfelt is Multidisciplined in corporate video and filmmaking and keeps his eye on the updates in the industry. He eagerly shares his interest in video and films, and the future of media related to Christian content and stories. Presently he is slated to be producer for the making of the Christian film, Abducted to Kill as well as EPK producer and board member of Higher Ground Films.

Contact him at: Versfelt Communications or


Media Advisor, Sponsor, & Content Provider

MikeMichael E. Gorga is the owner and operator of MEGCOMM Productions. he has been with Christian Media Alliance from its inception in 1997 and continues to be an encourager, adviser, and content provider as well as a faithful sponsor. He is board member of Higher Ground Films and is slated to be first cut editor and adviser for the film Abducted to Kill.

Contact Mike at: or visit his website at:

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