Documentary Release: ‘What Would Muhammad Do?’

TV Documentary: What Would Muhammad Do? Islamic Terrorism Explained is set for release with Dutch and French subtitles, Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016, in Brussels.

1473040273 Preview Episode #1 at


2016/Christian Newswire/ -- What Would Muhammad Do? is an unprecedented ten-part serial documentary that explores the connection between the first generation of Muslims in the 7th Century and modern-day Islamic terrorism.

Muslim terrorists see themselves inside a 1400-year-old narrative that focuses on specific events in the life of Muhammad -- the founder of Islam. To grasp the motives and goals of Muslim terrorists, one must study Muhammad's example -- his words and deeds -- that today's Muslim terrorists claim to imitate. Using sacred, ancient Islamic text, What Would Muhammad Do? explains Islamic terrorism through the lens of Muhammad's life.

Produced by American television host, Randall A. Terry, What Would Muhammad Do? Episode 1, "Traditions of the Prophet" (24:00) is available for immediate review online

at: with French and Dutch subtitles.

On Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016, all ten episodes will be available for media review only during a 48-hour open window, which will close on Saturday, Sept. 10.  Working press may contact for the password.

Mr. Terry has received multiple death threats regarding this material. Safety and security for all are of the utmost importance. Therefore, professional journalists and news organizations seeking to interview Mr. Terry in Belgium should email their request

to: Interviews will be scheduled Tuesday--Friday, (6-9 Sept.) on a first come basis, subject to Mr. Terry's availability.

Contact: RJ Kenile, (001) 904-826-9989,

Mr. Terry holds a Master's Degree in Diplomacy, with a Concentration in International Terrorism from Norwich University. His daily TV show -- Voice of Resistance -- is seen on over 130 TV stations throughout America.

Episode Titles -- Episode runtime approx. 24 minutes each

Episode 1 - Muhammad: "Traditions of the Prophet"

Episode 2 - Muhammad at the Battle of Badr

Episode 3 - Muhammad on Satire and Mockery

Episode 4 - Muhammad on the use of Deception

Episode 5 - Muhammad on Anti-Semitism

Episode 6 - Muhammad on Sex Slaves

Episode 7 - Muhammad on Coercion and Conversion

Episode 8 - Muhammad on Jihad

Episode 9 - Muhammad on Apostasy

Episode 10 - Ending Islamic Tyranny

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  1. Wwmd-tv says:

    The latest place to view the first episode is here:

    We are trying hard to keep it online as so many websites have refused to even host it.

    Blessings and thank you for the review. We hope this series is enlightening to millions.

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