Debby and Pat Boone Perform at Aging Conference

Debby and Pat Boone to Perform Together Friday at Aging Conference

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By Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST News Service 

debby boone and pat boone smallerLA MIRADA, CA (ANS – August 9, 2017) -- Forty years ago this summer, Debby Boone set a record by topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 10 straight weeks with the title track of her first solo album, “You Light Up My Life,” which eventually became the biggest hit of the 1970s.

The American singer will commemorate the occasion by performing the song at an event at Biola University, La Mirada, California, on Friday, Aug. 11, at an event dubbed “Icons of Aging,” where she'll sing on the same stage as her dad, Pat Boone, who will perform his hit song “Love Letters in the Sand,” which, 60 years ago this summer, spent five weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 100.

While performing with her father is rare, Debby Boone says she still sings “You Light Up My Life” regularly.

“The lyrics are transcending,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “Couples use it as their wedding song, parents say it reminds them of their children, and some say it has a religious meaning for them.”

The mellow love song led to Debby Boone winning a Grammy for best new artist in 1977, but she acknowledges that she doesn't relate to a lot of the music that is racking up Grammy wins nowadays.

Main Pat Boone the teen idol“Times have changed. Songs that are hits now would never be hits in 1977. I remember driving my kids to school at 8 a.m. and hearing these really sexual lyrics,” she says. “But I don't lament the good old days. I'm not a curmudgeon. My kids turned out great. Maybe I'll be horrified all over again when my grandkids listen to those lyrics.”

Debby Boone, 60, and Pat Boone, 83, will be performing on behalf of the Season of Life conference series founded by gerontologist Di Patterson.

“I'm as healthy as I was at 20,” Pat Boone told The Hollywood Reporter. “Sure, I inherited good genes, but I've never trusted in just that. I'm looking forward to the event so my daughter and I can share our health secrets.”

Debby and Pat Boone will make their presentations Friday morning and will also be available to meet and greet their many fans who are attending.

According to its website -- “The Season of Life conference helps educate people on the newest advances in care for elderly loved ones, and to proactively prepare themselves for the latter ‘season of life’ in areas ranging from fitness and fashion to technology and estate planning. Exhibitors will showcase the newest advances in Aging services and products, and ways to become healthier and more independent.”

Di PattersonThe schedule also includes 12 Afternoon Sessions: Each topic will be offered 3 times in the afternoon. Attendees will choose 6 out of 12 sessions. Each session is 25 min. in duration + 5 min. for Get-Up-and-Move time = 30 minutes.

To register, please go to

Photo: 1) Debby and Pat Boone. 2) Pat Boone, the teen idol. 3) Di Patterson, organizer of the conference. 4) Dan Wooding with Pat Boone (wearing a kilt), after Dan had interviewed him at a golf tournament. Dan believes the kilt was worn by Pat in honor of the Scotsman who invented the game.

Dan Wooding with Pat Boone wearing a kilt useAbout the writer: Dan Wooding, 76, is an award-winning winning author, broadcaster, and journalist who was born in Nigeria of British missionary parents, and is now living in Southern California with his wife Norma, to whom he has been married for more than 54 years. Dan is the founder and international director of ASSIST (Aid to Special Saints in Strategic Times) and the ASSIST News Service (ANS). He is also the author of some 45 books and has two US-based TV programs and also a weekly radio show. Dan’s most recent honor was a top humanitarian award at a film festival in Beverly Hills, California, for his long-standing reporting on persecuted Christians around the world. It was presented to him by his younger, son, Peter Wooding, who also read out a letter of support for Dan by Pat Boone.

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